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2017 Ford Explorer Makes Waves with MotorWeek Staffers

Are you shopping the full-size SUV segment for your next automotive purchase? Well, if so, we here at Paul Heuring Motors Inc think Ford's -- the 2017 Explorer -- should most certainly be on your short list.

And why's that, exactly?

Receive the necessary context from the car critics at MotorWeek; their evaluation of the Explorer is available in the clip below:

Shoppers desiring a bit more "get-up-and-go" from the Explorer are bound to receive precisely that with the available 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

Standard on the Sport and Platinum trims, the turbo-V6 produces a prodigious ...

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Categories: , , Enjoys Taste of Tempestuous 2017 Ford Focus RS

When it comes to what we here at Paul Heuring Motors Inc appreciate about the 2017 Focus RS, Ford's hot hatchback, it seems to us that the list just goes on and on.

And, as it turns out, Road Test Editor Dan Ilika agrees.

Hear his take on the matter in the clip below:

Stylish and substantive, the sole trim of the Focus RS delivers the goods in just about every manner imaginable.

Standard features include 19-inch alloy wheels, summer tires, performance brakes, adjustable suspension settings, automatic xenon headlamps, foglights, integrated blind-spot mirrors, remote entry ...

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Is Summer Harder on Your Car Than Winter?

Winters in Hobart can be hard on cars. Snow and ice create hazardous driving conditions, road salt threatens to corrode metal undercarriages, and freezing temperatures cause batteries to lose their charge capacity.

Little did you know, summer is so much worse.

While road conditions are safer, there are typically more people out driving—including a fanfare of classic cars that are garaged

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Ford Invests $350 Million in U.S. Jobs to Manufacture More Efficient Transmissions

Ford is all about combining power with efficiency. Most new Ford vehicles for sale in Hobart are available with EcoBoost® engines, which use turbocharging to maximize torque while minimizing fuel consumption.

So it's no wonder Ford is now laying down $350 million to upgrade its Livonia Transmission Plant to produce a new, more efficient transmission. According to a press release, the transmission "will be finely tuned to blend...

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Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

You are riding along and find that your vehicle seems to be pulling more to one side than the other or you feel that the car is just handling the road differently. Perhaps, it is time to rotate the tires on your car. The treads on a tire wear out unevenly. This affects the way you drive and operate your vehicle. A regular rotation helps even out the wear and tear on the tires. For example, during a typical rotation, the tires in the front are rotated to the back of the vehicle.

Tire Rotation Advantages
After rotating the tires…
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Are You Prepared?

Do not let yourself be caught off guard and have an emergency kit in your car at all times. You can put anything that you want into your kit, but be sure to have a First-Aid kit, warm blankets, bottled water, and nonperishable food items. You should also have jumper cables, a tow rope, flares or reflective triangles, and a foldable shovel. You should pack things that would be helpful in an emergency situation in your area, too. If you have rattlesnakes where you live or travel, then you should pack a rattlesnake kit. You should also pack useful items…
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Fix the Chip!

If you put off repairing those rock chips, you risk costing yourself a lot of money. It just takes 30 minutes or less to repair a rock chip and you will prevent cracks from forming. Cracks are much harder to deal with than rock chips and that's why it's important to take care of them right away. Windshield repair technology has come a long way and in order to fix the chip, the air is forced out and then replaced with a resin. This prevents any cracks from forming. The resin makes the chip much stronger and will…
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The 2017 Ford Transit

Finding a car with space, seating and great gas mileage isn't always easy. But it's not impossible. The 2017 Ford Transit has all of these. Every Transit comes with the possibility of seating for 2, 7 and 15. This means that it's a great car for work, road trips with the family, or for both. The so, maybe family road trips aren't your thing. But, this van can be easily used for delivery business, contractors, and so much more. With up to 105.9 square feet of cargo space, the Transit will surely give everyone room…
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The 2017 Ford C-MAX: Beauty & Brains

The 2017 Ford C-MAX is not only of the best looking compact cars, it's also the smartest. Good looks and intelligence go hand in hand with the latest C-MAX. You have four different models to choose from which includes the following: C-MAX Hybrid SE, C-MAX Hybrid Titanium, C-MAX Energi SE, C-MAX Energi Titanium. They all come in luxurious and fascinating colors that are sure to get some stares from onlookers. The interior also comes standard with soft cloth material, leather is optional only in select models. Using Intelligent Key Access you'll be able to...
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