What's the Problem with Your Car's Starter?

You would hope that turning the key in the ignition starts the car up with no problems. That won't always be the case because starters, like other parts, may fail. So, you must be on top of the signs of a failing starter.

Not too much good accompanies weird sounds. A starter that gives off grinding and whining noises has problems. Those problems will become even more serious over time and may lead to major repairs. At the first sound of strange noises, get the car checked out.

The presence of smoke should be considered a huge red flag. Whether smoke comes from issues with the starter or something else, smoke won't exactly appear when a car's parts are in good shape.

You won't exactly be able to drive around Hobart, IN when your started fails. If starter issues arise, bring your car to our service center at Paul Heuring Motors Inc so our mechanics can take a thorough look.

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