Explore the Performance Features of the 2019 Ford Fiesta

When you want a subcompact car that is filled with performance features to make driving fun and safe, consider the 2019 Ford Fiesta. With S, SE, and ST models available, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for at Paul Heuring Motors Inc in Hobart, IN.

The Ford Fiesta comes with either a manual or automatic transmission, and two different engine options can allow you to customize your vehicle to suit your driving style. Safety is a top priority, and the anti-lock braking system can let you keep control of the car when you try to slow down in slippery conditions.

While driving, the AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control system will detect any wheel slip and adjust the engine torque appropriately. With the different features available for the Ford Fiesta, you can have confidence in driving on gravel, ice, wet roads, and other challenging conditions.

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