Ford Escape Technology Features

Beautiful on the outside and incredibly useful inside. The 2018 Ford Escape is the small SUV for the busy entrepreneur or college student trying to balance it all in Hobart, IN. One of the reasons why young adults love the vehicle so much is because of its technology.

FordPass, in particular, offer convenience at your fingertips with its array of features that make parking a breeze and saving money possible. You can locate and pay for a parking spot downtown before arriving thanks to this interactive app that tells you where the good spots are located. It is also possible to save money on fuel with FordPass as the app shows you where the lower prices are in town.

Locking and unlocking your 2018 Escape is as easy as tapping the screen of your smartphone thanks to FordPass. You can control the actions of your vehicle from miles away and always ask a FordGuide for assistance.

Ford manages to set the bar in auto manufacturing high. The 2018 Ford Escape in that vein with convenience and technology worth craving. Stop by Paul Heuring Motors Inc today to test drive to compact SUV.

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