Why Have Your Vehicle Serviced At Our Dealership

Sometimes choosing a reliable and trustworthy service provider for your vehicle can be challenging but not anymore. We Paul Heuring Motors Inc. are the real partner you have been looking for.

Our dealership service is the best you can trust with the service of your car because we have vast knowledge from the manufacturer. We provide genuine and affordable parts whenever a replacement is needed. Our service team has well equipped and trained professionals for the respective maintenance service that you require. We also have state of the art testing tools and gadgets for specific vehicles to guide us on how to fix your car accordingly. Whenever your car or its parts are damaged or failing, we at Paul Heuring Motors Inc. are at your service.

Visit our service team in Hobart and let us service your vehicle at affordable rates, using the original spare parts where needed and expect us to remind you the appropriate way of handling your car to avoid a breakdown.

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