Which Brake Pads Grip the Best?

Your vehicle's engine may be powerful, but it takes a braking system that is just as powerful to bring your vehicle to a stop from high-speeds. Your brake pads are special components that have direct impacts on how your vehicle stops. Made from a variety of high-density and heat-resistant substances, the pads are mounted on your wheel-rotors, which are in turn attached to the wheel itself. When you press your brake pedal, this sends high-pressure brake fluid down reinforced metal tubes into your wheel-cylinder. This device then pressurizes the brake pads themselves, which press on and stop the rotors.

There are various kinds of brake pads in existence, each good for different tasks. The main varieties include sintered, ceramic, and organic. When it comes to grip, the overall effect depends on the rotors as well as the pads. That said, due to their high metal-content sintered pads generally provide the most friction relative to other pad types.

At our facility in the Hobart area, we field a team of dedicated and experienced brake system professionals who can help you get more out of your system. Visit us at Paul Heuring Motors Inc. today for a quick conversation about your system.

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