Advanced Technology in the Ford Focus ST

There are many reasons for a particular model of car to become popular. In the case of the Ford Focus ST, the biggest reason is the advanced technology that is crammed into every nook and cranny of the vehicle. These features help make the Focus ST one of the most technologically advanced vehicles available.

These days, everybody owns a smartphone. With the use of the SYNC technology of the Ford Focus ST, you can connect your phone to the car's computer, and then control it using the touchscreen display built in to the dashboard of the car. The engineers behind the Focus ST also included a feature called Torque Vectoring Control, which helps reduce the risk of oversteer and understeer by varying the speed of the front wheels when heading into a turn. This not only helps improve vehicle performance, but driver confidence as well.

There are plenty of reasons to be interested in the Ford Focus ST, and if this description fits you, then feel free to head on down to our showroom at Paul Heuring Motors Inc, which is conveniently located for you in Hobart. Our friendly staff will be happy to get your test drive ready to go.

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