The 2018 Ford Focus SmartGauge

If you're thinking about getting the hybrid model of the 2018 Ford Focus, you're going to get an advanced piece of technology right in front of the driver's seat. The popular compact car is available with an intuitive SmartGauge system.

The system is installed on both sides of the speedometer in the driver's cockpit. It features bright LCD screens to display information in a way that's easy to read. You can set it to display important performance metrics like speed, energy history, and much more. The information that's shown can be changed at an instant thanks to the controls on the steering wheel. You can cycle through pages without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Want to see this technology for yourself? We invite you to stop by Paul Heuring Motors Inc in Hobart, IN today. We'll show you around the 2018 Ford Focus and put you behind the wheel for a test spin.

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