Smart Features Drivers Appreciate in the Ford C-MAX

The staff working at Paul Heuring Motors Inc wanted to help bring some focus to the new Ford C-MAX and its numerous smart features. This popular compact hybrid not only will make driving easier, but these features will also make it safer too.

When the Ford C-MAX gets shifted into reverse, that is when you'll see the rear back-up camera system activated. This system makes it easier for the driver to be able to see things that could be in the path as you're traveling backward, creating a safer driving experience in a number of situations.

The all-new Ford C-MAX also has the Enhanced Active Park Assist which helps make parking easier. Simply activate the system and it scans the road for the right size parking space. Once found, you'll then get prompts when to brake, accelerate, and shift, as the steering is now controlled by the vehicle and glides you perfectly into that parking space.

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