Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Are you enthusiastic about go-green initiatives and cars that use natural energy more than gasoline? If yes, then you might find the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the perfect car for your everyday commutes. The Hybrid leaves a smaller carbon footprint as a gas-electric sedan that relies heavier on regenerative energy for power and performance. This car has quickly become a popular hybrid favorite in Hobart, IN and surrounding cities.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid’s exterior features are dedicated to your safety and assurance. The reverse braking system, for instance, audibly alerts you to objects in your drive path when your car is in reverse. Whereas, the solar tinted windows darken or lighten to accommodate the brightness outside and keep UV rays at bay.

We at Paul Heuring Ford love when a car speaks for itself, which the Ford Fusion Hybrid totally does. With a test drive, you can experience the smooth ride of an eco-friendly, energy-saving sedan.

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