Ford Mustang is classic and powerful, with a ruggedly handsome silhouette that appeals to fans all over the world. The Mustang's muscled exterior masks a boatload of high-tech features that only serve to solidify its rank as one of the bestselling sports cars ever. Here are two tech features that our team at Paul Heuring Ford particularly like.

Pre-Collision Assist

The Ford Mustang scans the road ahead of you, detecting vehicles and pedestrians with which you could potentially collide. If you're not able to respond in time and an accident becomes unavoidable, Mustang engages the brakes automatically, preventing an accident.


The Mustang's Sync3 infotainment hub interfaces with Amazon Alexa, letting you consult her by voice when inside your ride the same way you do at home. With Ford+Alexa on the road, you can shop for holiday gifts on Amazon Prime during your daily commute into Hobart, IN. You can also request voice navigation, traffic info, and control compatible smart-home devices.

Take a test spin in the Ford Mustang at our dealership today, and discover all of its impressive tech features.

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